100% Natural Beeswax Chest Rub


Bills Beeswax Chest Rub is Ideal for relieving congestion, coughs and cold and clearing your airways to assist you to breath more clearly and helps aid a more restful night sleep with its Anti fungal and anti bacterial properties this is an ideal rub to take away the discomfort that the winter season brings & Ideal for insect bites and repellent.
Pure Beeswax = Anti Inflammatory, Anti allergenic, Anti Bacterial,Skin emollient.  
Essential oils
Camphor Oil= Great Clearing oil Relieves Itching & irritation, Anti inflammatory easing chest congestion & cough Symptoms.
Eucalyptus Oil = Clean Refreshing oil great in assisting upper respiratory Conditions and Muscle pain.
Birch Oil= Anti Inflammatory & Antispasmodic properties great relief for Discomfort.
Wintergreen Oil = Works as a counterirritant that reduces pain and inflammation in underlying tissue and also a great germ destroyer.